Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun with a point and shoot

I spent Sunday afternoon at Candlestick Park in San Francisco getting a sun burn, eating garlic fries and watching Matt Cassel and the New England Patriots take down Mr. John Thomas O'Sullivan and the Forty-Niners.

I'm not a fan of either team—and with Brady on the sidelines—my only real interest was rooting for my fantasy uber-bust (Randy Moss) and against the Niners actual bust (Vernon Davis).

Two quick notes about the fans. Niners fans are witty. It must be something in the Pinot Gris.

Best cheer of the day, from two drunkards in Steve Young gear near the bratwurst stand outside section 53: "We don't lose Super Bowls."

And Patriots fans, err, Boston sports fans will break into a "Let's Go Red Sox!" chant anywhere. Airports, bathrooms, football games in San Francisco—maybe even weddings. As cool as that was, I miss the "Yankees Suck!" chants. I once heard a bar full of Bostonians pull this one off at the tequila bar in McCarron Airport in Las Vegas...
in May.

Anyway, it felt good to be back at The Stick. Here's a pano I shot—between beers—with my P&S from our seats in section 53. It's 5 pictures stitched together in CS3.

If this was a Giants game in '93, we would have been sitting just to the right of center field.