Tuesday, January 13, 2009

LEEDing The Way

I just saw January's issue of Modern Materials Handling. I'm sure you've got a copy on your coffee table already but if you don't, well...I photographed Dave Abeloe for the zine's cover. Abeloe is the director of Patagonia's 342,000-square foot distribution center in Reno, Nev. The story, written by MMH Editor at Large Bob Trebilcock, talked about Patagonia's environmentally conscious business practices. You can read about it here or for those of you with the attention span of say, me, then there's a YouTube video explaining it all. Patagonia is a cool company. Their warehouse is LEED certified, they've got an outlet store with sweet deals, and there's some pretty good fishing holes slash hiking trails on the Truckee River just a stone's throw from the parking lot.

Thanks to Amy Beck, my assistant on this shoot and my editors and Getty. Here's a copy of the cover and some outtakes: