Wednesday, March 11, 2009

White House Photographer Eric Draper In Reno

Anyone who follows me on Twitter, Lightstalkers, SportsShooter or Facebook knows by now that Eric Draper, former White House Photographer and Special Assistant to President George W. Bush was in Reno last week for JWEEK. He spoke Friday morning inside the theater at the Joe Crowley Student Union.

Eric's work is powerful. If you aren't familiar with it, watch the video. His photos have depth and he does wonderful job illustrating relationships (i.e. President Bush & his father, Bush & Vice President Dick Cheney, even Bush & Barney!)

As a photographer, I wish I handled my wide angle lens as well as he does.

And his insight into the job of presidential photographer was fascinating. My favorite quote describing his position the last eight years, "A lot of times I felt like a professional stalker."

After the talk a few of us were lucky enough to spend sometime with Eric and he generously answered our questions.

Enjoy the video:

Thanks again to Casey Durkin and The Nevada Sagebrush for streaming and archiving the presentation.