Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy birthday, Mom.

My mom.

I have a cool mom. And for that, I'm blessed.

She came to Reno this weekend to visit and celebrate her birthday. Also, she recently bought a Mac—her first—and has no idea how to use it.

Between iPhone, iTunes and Facebook training sessions, we shopped (Sheplers, Boot Barn, Ben Franklin), cooked (enchiladas for dinner, shakshuka for breakfast) and saw Todd Snider1.

It was a quick visit but a fun one. Maybe the best part of which was planning for Burning Man. That's right, she's coming. This year for her birthday I gave her a ticket. She's really excited. So far, we've started work on two costumes—a lady bug and a pink cat—and are combing craigslist for a bike.

She won't be the only parent out there either. As our camp gets older, more and more of us have convinced our parents to visit Black Rock City. I'm excited to share the experience and my knowledge with her; and to show her something new—much like she did when I was young. Also, she's a great camping buddy.

With that in mind, here are some photos of her from our October trip when the two of us camped at Henry Cowell State Park near Santa Cruz, Calif.

Hiking through the Redwoods.

Camp cooking.

So proud.

Zip lining at Mt. Hermon. 

Mom, me.

Happy birthday, Mom.

Love, son.


1. Fact: hippy parents have hippy children. And they often listen to rambling, hippy-weirdo-freaks together.