Saturday, February 5, 2011


522 Lander St.

I did something geeky Thursday night. Real geeky...

...I attended my first Reno TweetUp

What's a TweetUp

A TweetUp is an informal gathering of local Twitterati. The idea is to take Twitter offline. It's part networking, part drinking—actually mostly drinking...'s a chance to meet people in reality you might only know digitally.

Everybody wears a name tag with their Twitter handle (mine is @calvertphoto). After that, grab a beer and let the awkward introductions begin.

"Hey there, @PrettierThanIExpected."

"It's nice to meet you @SharesTooMuchAboutHerKids."

"Glad you made it @AntagonisticLocalBlogger."

The TweetUp was at Reno Collective (excuse me, I mean @renocollective). The Collective is a downtown co-working space I work out of. We recently moved to a new building and the gathering was one of our first chances to show it off. Thanks to Colin an Ed for well, everything, but specifically the last minute work they put into Collective to get her ready. And for buying the beer. The space looked great guys.

Between beverages, I shot a few photos:

Colin carpets.

Ed paints.

We have yellow doors.

This is what a TweetUp name tag looks like. Scott is one of my Reno Collective coworkers.

From left, @socialchorus, @jbstockton and @paisleyannhome discuss "Real Cheese Flavored Balls1."

From left, @_rosana, @rockstarpaige and @lissle2. a TweetUp. My head hurts.

And a final thank you to @michellereno for organizing the event. Also, being awesome.


1I bought these tasty treats for the TweetUp. I was shocked how popular they were. But hey, what's a TweetUp without a nosh? 2@Lissle, aka Lis Bartlett is also a Reno Collective coworker. She creates video portraits.