Monday, April 18, 2011

"Nobody ever said, 'Work ball.'"

The Reno Aces played their home opener Friday night. Consider this the first of many, many baseball related blogs. It was good getting back to the yard—kind of felt like the first day of school (sans math). I'm looking forward to my third season photographing the team.

The Aces beat the Colorado Springs Sky Sox 9-6. Enjoy the pics:

Tony Abreu.



Whitney Myer

Collin Cowgill.

First pitch. Future Ace?

Dancing Grounds Crew led by the talented Bart Piegdon.

Konrad Schmidt.

Game winning RBI.

Rafael Rodriguez.

The Whitney Myer Band playing the Freight House.

DJ Ry-On inside the 250 Lounge.

#pressboxfood update: fried chicken.