Thursday, August 4, 2011

Catching up with @Aceball - Part III

Konrad and the boys (Mrs. Bugsy on the left) watching the fireworks.

There are a few extra photos in part three because part three was the 4th of July. Except it was the 3rd of July. The Aces played in Sacramento on the 4th. Anyway, there was a big crowd, bunting and fireworks. Also, my mom came to her first Aces game1. The boys lost 9-11.

Color guard.

Archie with a hat on.

From the berm.

Armando Gallaraga.

Efren Navarro mid-trot. That's the smile of a guy who doesn't hit a lot of home runs.

Dancing grounds crew.

Big Shoe Race + Sniper. Tina and her girl kept running. Ruthless.

Jerome Williams and his pink glove.

Lucas May and Navarro.

I put snow cone syrup on my lens.

Derek Eitel.


Kevin Jepsen. He's from Reno. He throws 93-95 mph and when I was 16 years old, I got a base hit off of him.

1She was in town for the weekend. We went shopping for Burning Man costumes.