Friday, August 12, 2011


Always professional.

Reno is going to miss you.

...and I'm going to miss you.

That's right folks, our friend Tina Thorpe is moving to Denver with her husband Steve and two kids. She left today I think.

If you've been to Aces ballpark you know Tina as the other better looking half of our wonderful emcee crew. Sorry Austin. Together, the two announce the starting line up before games, entertain the crowd between innings and make the ballpark experience more fun.

And what a dancer!

I missed Tina's last game, Wednesday, but wanted to share some photos of her from the last three years: my way of saying bon voyage.

Tina has been at the ballpark since season one, before Archie wore clothes, and it's going to be weird next week not seeing her big, bright smile.

But best of luck to you and yours Tina. You're adorable, have great energy and I'm glad to know you.

Tina with her favorite Ace ever, John Hester.

Amanda, Tina and Austin.

Cotton Eye Joe.

Straight cash, homie. 

Sweet but ruthless. I'm pretty sure Tina tripped that little girl.

Archie says bye.