Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Under siege at Aces Ballpark.

A crew worthy of Camelot

The trebuchet, the atomic bomb of the Middle Ages, was a deadly and destructive weapon. So of course—in Reno—we used one to throw out the first pitch Sunday night at Aces Ballpark. Not only that, but Dawn Wells (Mary Ann, Gilligan's Island), pulled the chord, hurling the ceremonial ball from shallow centerfield to catcher Lucas May at home plate. It was freaking cool.

The weaponry was built and brought to the ballpark by the Nevada Discovery Museum. Kudos to them for recreating the Siege of Acre. A baseball first as far as I know.

Here's a few pictures of that and some baseball. The Aces lost 11-5 in the series opener.


Michael Young, skeptic.

Archie and Dawn.

Wade Miley.


Miley and Konrad Schmidt.

Evan Frey.

Andy Tracy.

Wear a helmet kids, Archibald does.

Frankie De La Cruz.




Robby Hammock. Almost E5.

Speaking of sieges, one of my favorite exchanges in cinema history:

 Jordan Tate: So who are you? Are you, you, like, some special forces guy or something?
 Casey Ryback: Nah. I'm just a cook.
 Jordan Tate: A cook?
 Casey Ryback: [Whispering] Just a lowly, lowly cook.
 Jordan Tate: Oh, my God, we're gonna die.