Sunday, November 13, 2011

"tə be:, ər not tə be?"

Ben Crystal as Hamlet.

A couple of weeks ago I photographed a preview of William Shakespeare's Hamlet in the Original Pronunciation (OP) performed by the Nevada Repertory Company for Silver and Blue magazine. According to the University, this was only the fifth OP production of any Shakespearean work performed in modern times. I enjoyed the pronunciation—accents seemed thicker, dialogue more casual and lyrical—and the performance.

English actor and Shakespeare scholar Ben Crystal served brilliantly as Hamlet, while students and University faculty made up the rest of the cast. I enjoyed the clean backgrounds and simple stage but thought the costumes were inconsistent.

I shot the play primarily with the 50. The pictures won't run in print for a couple of months so here's a sneak peak.

"O horrible, O horrible, most horrible!"

English professor David Fenimore—my 298 teacher—played the ghost of Hamlet's father.

"How now! A rat?"

"Oh, I am slain."

"Thou wretched, rash, intruding fool, farewell! I took thee for thy better."

Alas, Poor Yorick.

Spoiler alert: everybody dies.

Guy love.