Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eleven in 11.

I love lists. To do lists, top ten lists, Nixon's enemies list. I use them, read them and enjoy them often.

This is a list. Sort of.

It's my top ten—actually 11—favorite images from last year.

Criteria: These aren't my best photos from the past year—they might be but who's to say—just the ones I really like.

Most are from assignments and clients I've worked with for years like Burning Man, and the Aces and Wells Fargo. Some images are corporate, some sports, some personal—all are mine and shot primarily but not exclusively with my beat up D300's.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

Above: From my seventh Burn. I like the juxtaposition here. It's about art and love in an utterly absurd surrounding. I mean it's a pirate ship on Lake Lahontan. Don't see that everyday.

Below: In the clubhouse with Brett Butler after the Aces clinched the team's first playoff berth. This was my first champagne celebration. I wore a trash bag over my head/camera/being. My gear escaped unharmed. I got a little sticky.

Above: I snagged this tender moment shooting for Wells Fargo at the Great Reno Balloon Races.

Above: Ash Meadows national wildlife refuge in Southern Nevada. On one of my many drives south, through the desert, I was delighted to discover this oasis outside Las Vegas.

Above: Reno River Festival. Capa said it best.

Below: Mule Days. Probably not my best frame from Bishop this year, but for sure one of my favorites. Who doesn't love a blonde on a mule drinking a can of Coors Light. It's practically a platinum country song. TobyJasonGarth?

Above: Hitting on a bride on her wedding day in her WEDDING dress. Stay classy Reno. Sidenote, I'm shooting more weddings and loving them. It's fish in a barrel photography. Everybody looks nice, is happy, the light is great. It's a visual storyteller's dream.

Above: My locks of love donation.

Above: Here's some collateral I shot for Ad2 Reno. The idea was to create "sexy" invitations for the club's website launch party. This was fun to conceptualize and shoot. Glad I didn't have to model. That's @beccawik picking her nose. And @phinneaus picking...something else.

Above: Speaking of sexy, here's a photo of Silver Peak brewmaster Brandon Wright and his assistant Joe for Celebrator magazine. Not exactly my Walter Iooss moment but...fun.

Above: Picon punch at Louis Basque Corner.

Below*:  Bulette—my kitten and love. I joined instagr.am at the end of 2010 and although I still prefer my 300, 2.8, I like the convenience of a camera in my pocket and the look of the X-Pro II filter. Follow me at @calvertphoto.

*This is actually #12. But that messes with whole, 11 in 11 concept. So let's call this one, 11b.