Thursday, October 11, 2012


I've been meaning to post something about Adam Eaton for a while. Initially after his call-up to the Diamondbacks, then after he won Pacific Coast League Rookie of the Year, and then again after it was announced he'd won the 2012 Pacific Coast League Most Valuable Player award. But like most of my blog worthy topics, why worry about relevance now.

When he broke his hand a couple of weeks ago, again, I started this post. With his season over, I thought that might've been a good, timely moment. Still, nope.

This morning however, listening to playoff baseball with my cat, I spent some time organizing my archive. As long as I was poking through folders looking for other images, I grabbed a few Eaton pics.

So why post them today? Well, Adam was my girlfriend's favorite Ace this past year. And yesterday we had ourselves an anniversary of sorts—not a major one but worth keeping track of. Anyway, this belated baseball post is kind of for her, kind of for my other three readers, but mostly for her.

Back to Eaton, the reigning PCL MVP. In 119 games for the Aces he hit a league high .381 and had a .456 on base percentage. In addition he led the league in runs scored (119), hits (186), stolen bases (38),  and doubles (46).

Also, he's a hell of a nice guy: always smiling, signing autographs for kids and full of energy.

With that, here are a few of my favorite photos. I hope his hand recovers and he sticks in the Arizona but if he doesn't, he'll be welcome back to Reno.

...with Gigantes.

"Hey Budde."

Aces All-Stars, Eaton, Ryan Wheeler, Jonathan Albaladejo, Jake Elmore.

P.S. Adam just tweeted his father is in the hospital, hope he's ok.