Monday, March 4, 2013

Walker House

Aaryn Walker.

I worked on a home story last week for Reno Magazine featuring mid-century modern design. I photographed Aaryn Walker and her husband Aaron Hapgood's six-bedroom home in southwest Reno. Walker owns Red Chair Ecl├ęctic Home Decor on Lakeside drive.

Their home used to be an assisted living facility and outside of an extra handrail in the bathroom, you'd never know it: antique barware, Italian chairs, funky lamps, Asian and African art, retro-inspired rugs, bright colors, the original Jenn-Air range in the kitchen and an 8-track-reel-to-reel-record player-music-room—all of it tied together in a swanky, mid-century style—it's really a fun space.

Aaryn, thank you again for volunteering your house.

The story was repurposed for Friday's newspaper. ran a photo gallery of some of the images. And from the emails and texts I got this weekend, a few people saw them. Look for the Magazine story in May.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite images that ran last week and some of the outtakes.

Red couch.

Love the colored Pyrex.

Jenn-Air range.

Teal, swivel, club chair.

Guest bedroom


Shoe cabinet.