Monday, April 15, 2013

Opening Night: Sacramento 16, Reno 8

Earlier I posted an edit of my Instagram take from Opening Night. I also promised some additional—more typical—blog photos. And here they are. 

Every year, I try to shoot a little picture story showing everything that goes on during the day, leading up to the first pitch and through the final out. Mostly I look for details and angles I haven't shot before. After five years at the ballpark and more than 150 baseball games, I'm still happy I see new things. 

Though this wasn't my strongest opener—I think I focused more on the Instagram images than I realized—it also wasn't a very good game. Sacramento beat a tired Reno 16-8—and that affects everything: the guys, the crowd, beer sales, even my photography.

One bright spot though: in spite of their 3-6 start, the Aces actually lead all of MiLB in hits. So they've got that going for them...which is nice.

In addition to Friday's opener, I shot the ring ceremony Saturday night and Sunday's day game. Look for those photos tomorrow afternoon. I should be caught up on my editing by then.

Nevada football coach Brian Polian.

Whitney Myer.

Didi Gregorious.

Charles Brewer.


Chris Owings.

Jemile Weeks.