Saturday, April 6, 2013

Who you gonna call?

It's after midnight and I feel like doing some blogging. The plan is to stay up for another seven, eight hours. I'm not raging, just working. I'm part of the Reno Wired team that donated 24-hours to help rebrand the Committee to Aid Abused Women (CAAW). And since the photos I shot for the marketing material are already in the designers' hands, I'm screwing around taking some "behind-the-scenes" photos and watching Bonanza reruns. Seriously.

So this is the first of a few "getting caught up" blog posts I hope to share.

A month or so ago I shot some production stills for a reality tv show staring Jack Osbourne and Dana Workman. The episode was set in Truckee, Calif. and I'm told will air this summer on SyFy. That's all I can really share so if you're interested, tune in. Until then, enjoy the pictures.