Saturday, November 16, 2013

100 Mules

This week I'm in Bishop, Calif. shooting portraits for the Mule Days board.

The timing of the trip coincided with a special presentation celebrating the centennial anniversary of the Los Angeles Aqueduct. For more than a month now, 100 mules and riders traveled from the Owens Valley to Los Angeles—more than 240 miles—participating in an artist action aimed at connecting Los Angeles to its water source.

Titled "100 Mules Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct," the project was the brainchild of artist Lauren Bon, granddaughter of Walter Annenberg.

The parade ended last week at the equidome but since many of the riders are from Inyo County, they thought it would be nice to do one more appearance at the fair grounds.

Seeing more than 100 animals in the arena made me miss Mule Days. More than that though, I was jealous I missed out on the aqueduct project. What an adventure it would've been to document the trip.

Still, it was fun photographing familiar faces and mules. Enjoy the photos.

For more information about the performative parade, visit the group's Facebook page.