Saturday, November 22, 2008

2 Planes, 1 Train, and 3,000 Miles In An Automobile

I'm sitting in the Reno airport listening to Bob Dylan on my iPhone eating a bag of gummy bears for breakfast. In 12 hours, I'll be in Orlando, FL on my way to a Waffle House with good friend Garrett Hylton.

Garrett spent the last few months in Miami interning for The Herald. Unfortunately for the Herald (and the ladies of South Beach) Garrett's internship is over and he's headed back home to Wells, NV (unfortunate for Garrett). I, a semi-employed professional storyteller, will accompany him on his cross-country drive back to the Ruby Mountains and will serve as part-time navigator, documentarian, DJ, bail bondsmen and late-night driver.

In the next four days, we will drive more than 3,000 miles and through seven states. Assuming his Envoy survives the trip and we don't get arrested in Texas, I'll spend Thanksgiving with the Family Hylton and will be back in Reno Friday morning. If You're interested, here's the route we will be taking:

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FYI, According to Google Maps it would take 38 days and 10 hours to walk this far.