Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

I'm in Wells at the Hylton House and we just finished dinner. This trip has been a culinary tour of I-10. In the last week Garrett and I have eaten Waffle House, Momo's Pizza, brisket from Kreuz Market, Green Chiles in New Mexico, a Delux Burger and a scorpion. So why stop now. Garrett's mom Sally prepared an amazing meal. It's like she was trying to kill me with flavor. But I'm a fightet. It takes more than two servings of glazed ham, scrambled eggs, six deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail, seven mimosas, three kilt lifters, a half bottle of red wine, stuffing, turkey, green beans, yams, gravy, mashed potatoes, a dozen cucumber sandwiches, pecan pie, raspberry blintzes, stuffed French toast, three kinds of homemade bread, bran muffins, cranberry sauce and an assortment of cream cheese filled pastries to take me down.

The Turkey with a Lensbaby.