Sunday, November 30, 2008

Opportunity Village

I didn't spend much time in Reno, less than 20 hours before I was back in the Reno airport—this time on my way back down to Las Vegas for a shoot with the gang from Wells Fargo. I photographed the annual Magical Forest at Opportunity Village. It was a new event for me, and one they haven't photographed in four or five years. Basically, the Magical Forest is a mix: one part carnival, one part Christmas pageant and three parts holiday cheer.

It's sort of like a Hallmark store threw-up on a playground. Lights everywhere, ornaments, wreaths, a Santa Claus, you can even ride a small train through the Forest. I'm not grinch-like or anything, I like Christmas, but I'm just not ready for it this year. Keep in mind, it is still November.

As always, it was great photographing the Wells Fargo volunteers. These people do amazing work in the community.