Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Just left Las Vegas and are on the long and lonely road north to Wells, Nev. The new Kanye album dropped today and Garrett is listening to that. I'm tolerating it and working on the blog.

We were only in Las Vegas for a couple hours but we still did some liver damage (sorry little buddy). We stopped at two bars before leaving town: Adam's Rib and the Freakin' Frog. Both are in a small, unassuming strip mall across from UNLV on Maryland near the In & Out.

Adam's Rib is a BBQ joint with a bar and a huge tequila menu. Let me say this, we weren't there for the brisket. This stop was about agave azul. At Adam's Rib, they sell tequila shots with a scorpion chaser. If you take a shot with the scorpion, they take your picture and put it on the wall. My buddy Paul was already up there and since we were driving through Vegas, Garrett and I thought we should join him.

(Aside: If I die between here and Wells, at least I have a legacy. In addition to the scorpion shot, I've also eaten the Earthquake at Swensen's. I like kitschy shit like that.)

After we left the Rib, we walked across the parking lot to the Frog. With up to 500 different bottles offered throughout the year and one of the classiest taps around (Chimay and Pabst),
The Frog is a beer lover's must stop when visiting the City Down South. We were there for the Delirium Tremens. If you've never tried this blonde Belgian beer, do. It's available in 750's and in a very limited number of tap houses. In 1998, Tremens won "Best Beer" at the World Beer Championship in Chicago. And at 9% ABV, this bottle conditioned bad-ass delivers a belly warming high. Brewed with three different types of yeast, it has a small white resilient head, a floral aroma, and a tart fruity flavor. Garrett says it tastes like apple cider. If this came in juice boxes, 3rd grade might have been more fun...

Getting Ready.

Soft and Crunchy.