Monday, November 24, 2008

BBQ Heaven

So we made it through Texas...barely. Here's are some of the highlights from our sojourn through the 28th state.

Lots of driving. We saw the Alamo and I bought a sweet Longhorns track jacket. And we ate some epic brisket in Lockhart, Texas. This alone was worth the drive. And I can't help but think, this might have been why we fought the Texas War of Independence. Let me tell you about BBQ Heaven...

Lockhart is the BBQ capitol of Texas. Every year (maybe five, I'm not really a subscriber), Texas Monthly magazine does it's comprehensive ranking and nearly every year, one of the three places in town makes the top-5. The town is about 40 minutes off I-10 between Austin and San Antonio and is a mecca for smoked meats. Last issue, two restaurants made the list. Smitty's Market and Kreuz Market (pronounced Krites). I did some research on my iPhone and from what we were able to read online, Kreuz was the place to go. It's not just a BBQ joint. Kreuz is the basilica of beef. It's big—seats 500 plus—and when it's empty like it was on Monday night, conversations echo. People barely talk inside, and when they do they whisper like they're in a museum. That's not to say it's unfriendly. Everyone is just focused on the food—we both ordered brisket and a hand-made jalapeno cheese sausage, and German potato salad—most of the audible noises are just satisfied groans. There's nothing else to say really.

Remember The Alamo? I sure will.

Look Ma', No Hands!

Kreuz Market, a smokey cathedral of cow.