Monday, November 24, 2008

This One's For Sally Hilton

Walking through the French Quarter couldn't have been nicer. The city woke up slowly—most of the residents were still in bed getting ready for tonight's Saints, Packers football game. And the people that were awake were either cleaning streets—they hose down most of Bourbon street in the morning; wearing suits and riding bicycles to work—I love that look; or sitting at Cafe Du Monde with us. You could tell it was a Monday, but it was a laid back buzz, not the hectic rush to work I'm used to.

The cafe au lait did wonders for my hangover and I liked beignets so much, I bought the mix.

After the beignets, Garrett and I did the tourist thing and posed for some photos in front of various statues for our parents. Here are some equally touristy pictures from the Lens Baby:

French Quarter.

Joan of Arc


Cafe Au Lait.

Sugar rush.