Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr. President, My Day Of Service...

Last Friday, the Reynolds School of Journalism SPJ chapter hosted its annual high school journalism day. More than 160 students from nine area high schools—and about a dozen kids from Swope Middle School: Panther Pride!—participated in the event. I volunteered some time.

As an SPJ Vice President Emeritus, I've organized at least four of these and as a "pompous know-it-all" have been asked to teach a photojournalism class each of the last three years. This year I spoke to more than 60 students—standing room only—inside RSJ 200-something.

I like teaching. Teachers are important. Aside from my parents, television, Google and some overbearing junior varsity baseball coaches, teachers taught me everything I know. High school journalism is especially important to me. My advisor at Reno High School—Dan Halcomb—nurtured me, invested in me and spent hours talking Wolf Pack basketball with me. To this day, there isn't an assignment that goes by where I don't think about him (and miss him). And that's why, every year, as long as they'll have me I'll continue to volunteer at High School Journalism Day.

This year, to help with my session, I created a webpage with some handouts, links and even my high school portfolio. If you see anything you like on the page, use it, click on it and yes, you can even watch it.