Saturday, January 15, 2011

Raggio Retiring

More than a week ago, Nevada State Sen. Bill Raggio announced his retirement. Today, it's official. For 38 years, the iconic politician served Nevada and its interests admirably. 

In my opinion, a Jan. 7, Reno Gazette-Journal editorial put it best:
"For all those years, what's best for the state has been his No. 1 priority. For Raggio...service in Carson City rose above party labels and above strict ideology. He wasn't interested in "making a statement;" his priority was to get the job done. And that's exactly what he did."
Raggio was an advocate for education. As a high school and university student in Nevada—and now as an educator—I greatly appreciate his efforts.

In a statement (pdf) released Jan. 5, Raggio cited health concerns.
“I had hoped to complete the remainder of my 10th elected term, but my physical mobility simply does not allow me to function fully, and therefore it is time for me to step aside for someone who can give the position a 100 percent effort."
I've photographed the Senator at various events over the past few years but my favorite image of him came last season at Aces Ballpark. Nothing fancy, not the greatest documentary work by any means, just a 300 2.8 and a nice moment.

On Jan. 18, the Washoe County Commission will appoint Raggio's replacement. I hope the Commission will honor Raggio and appoint someone with similar political values and a commitment to working across party lines.

And Senator, I hope to see you at the ballpark this season and for many more to come.