Tuesday, January 11, 2011

State of Decay

Yesterday's PhotoShelter blog caught my eye. It's a post from Grover titled, "9 Images of Our World In Decay—that look cool." Glad he added the "look cool" part. Who knows if I would have clicked on "9 images...that suck."

One of the nine images is of a classroom in Chernobyl. It reminded me of some photos I shot a few years ago for the Washoe County School District (WCSD). Not the nuclear catastrophe part, more so the classroom. At the time, WCSD was trying to pass a ballot initiative to raise taxes to help pay for—in my opinion—some very needed school improvements. I photographed three or four schools in various states of decay. And prompted by Grover's call to action at the end of the post, have decided to "dust them off" and share them on the blog.

The boiler inside Glenn Duncan Elementary School.

A shattered window at Katherine Dunn Elementary School.

Classroom air vent at Hug High School.

Classroom window at Hug High School.

Not sure what this is/was but it was inside the boiler room at Glenn Duncan.

In addition to the WCSD photos, I have a few more random "decay" shots I wanted to share.

Rhyolite, Nev.

Tom Kelly's bottle house in Rhyolite. 
Although technically, this one's been restored. It used to be way decayed.

Hey look, another abandoned mining facility in Nevada: American Flats outside Virginia City, Nev. 

Graffiti at the flats.

Rebar at the flats.