Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Would Mackay Do?

A student dressed as John Mackay outside the Nevada Legislature.

Photographers love a rally. Granted, I prefer a pep rally to the political, but a rally nonetheless is better than say, a ribbon cutting. Or gasp, check signing.

Monday, we cancelled class and encourage our students to go to the legislature in Carson City and cover those protesting proposed cuts to the State's higher education budget. I made some OK photos, saw a lot of my students and was pleased with the turnout. That said, I'm not sure how effective the protestors were.

Yes they were loud—and yes, there were many—but still, many doubt the efforts impact.

Here's a few of my images from the morning. Also, my co-instructor, Brian Duggan, shot and edited a video from the event. It's on the Nevada Appeal website at the bottom of this story.

Western Nevada College is on the chopping block.

Western Nevada College student, Aaron Smith.

Rally organizers from College of Southern Nevada.

Rally organizers from higher education campuses statewide.

WNC student, Sierra Woodward.

UNLV freshmen Lily Beth Molina and Sarai Amaya inside the Assembly chamber during a recess.