Tuesday, June 28, 2011


If you visit this blog regularly (thanks mom1, Scott, Annie, Chelsea, et al.) you're probably a little bored with the baseball photos. In my defense, it is baseball season—kudos to me for staying relevant—but yeah, I know what you mean.

With that in mind, I'm finally ready to share some other, new-to-you, exciting work...prepare to be mildly impressed.

The first installment of fresh content is 32 days old. For the past three years I've worked with the Bishop Mule Days Celebration. It's one of my favorite events and clients and a great way to spend Memorial Day weekend.

I only shot Friday night and Saturday this year: so there's a little less variety than in the past—but still, a good time. And with Sunday free, I got to spend some time camping with friends. Even showed the Jeep a little back country on my way back to Reno.

Enjoy the photos folks!

Mule Days 2011 - Best Of - Images by David Calvert

1I mean, I think she reads it...