Monday, June 6, 2011

Salt Lake City 3, Reno 2

Tony Abreu.

The Aces lost a close one Sunday, 3-2 to the Salt Lake City Bees. It was the fist game I'd shot since before Mule Days and I got to say, I missed the park. It was nice getting some sun—and rain. Don't you love Reno in June (July, Sept., Oct., Nov., Feb...). But it sucked seeing the fellas waste a strong performance from starter Kevin Mulvey. Pre-game, the club welcomed local little-leaguers to the field for a parade around the track. I didn't shoot anything I liked more than I have in the past but the extra kids around the park made for some fun fan features. Also, Santa Claus (scroll down, you'll see...).

I'm shooting tomorrow's game as well—the last of the stand. And I'm giving away my tickets so if you want them, be the first to ask.

See you 'round the yard.


Wily Mo.


Evan Frey.

Santa Claus?

Konrad Schmidt.

At the Republic, I shot a story about fans and foul balls. I spent three games, got nothing.

Nom, nom, nom.


Kevin Mulvey.

Yhency Brazoban.

Cody Ransom.

Straight away.