Friday, October 21, 2011

Fly Dark Helmet, fly!

I'm not the child you're looking for.

You probably noticed a drop in posts, post Burning Man. If you've been to Black Rock City, I don't need to explain what the days and weeks after feel like. If you haven't, just accept my absence and move on.

Slowly however, over the next few days, I hope to get caught up.That means I'm going to be sharing some old photos—par for this blog. Maybe even some old baseball photos.

Today, I'm sharing a few images from the 30th annual Great Reno Balloon Races at Rancho San Rafael park, Sept. 8-11.

Once again, I was shooting for the folks at Wells Fargo. They're a great group to work with and they do a lot for this community. Aside from kicking it with my bank buddies, the highlight of the weekend was seeing the infamous Darth Vader balloon. Although, in my opinion, it looked more like this guy than this guy.


Everybody is a photographer.


Mass Ascension.


Dark Helmet.


Dawn patrol.