Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This past weekend I photographed a 24-hour hackathon in downtown Reno outside the Pioneer Center. The event, Hack4Reno, was a contest where teams of developers, designers, journalist, techies, geeks, etc. conceived and built apps that would somehow benefit the local community; many even used data made available by the city. 

The event was sponsored by I swear, everyone, but organized primarily by Reno Collective, reno.rb and the City of Reno. I wasn't there for the whole 24 but did manage a few trips downtown. Although most of the apps are still under construction, I can't wait to use some of the final projects.

Here are a few of the pics documenting the day (and night and following day).

Reno Collective's Colin Loretz and Kristy Fifelski, web manager with the City of Reno setting up shop.

The hackathon was held outdoors... the Pioneer Center.

Did I mention they worked outside? In the sun? Hackers LOVE sun.

Two of the organizers @elskwid and @yodasan

Reenforcing stereotypes one can at a time.

@Chexee putting on a clinic. Grab a notebook son.

Some teams went home early...

Most, didn't.

Hacker fuel.


More supplies: water, power, sleeping bag, beer.

"Gee Brain, what do you wanna to do tonight?"

Keith and Patrick Anderson from Trinity Applied Internet present their calendar application.

Winning teams received a gold "statue" of Reno Mayor Bob Cashell.



17 teams and more than 40 people participated.