Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eleven in 11: @Aceball edition.

I need a fix.

Pitchers and catchers reported today and I'm itching for Spring Training baseball.

Last night I watched the first three hours of Ken Burn's definitive, 18-and-a-half hour-long "Baseball." Before that it was "Major League" (I and II), "Moneyball" and "A League of Their Own." And tonight, before I left the house, I preloaded the DVD player with "Bull Durham."

Except a movie isn't baseball, it's methadone. And I'm a junkie.

Unable to cure my condition, I spent some time last week going through last season's Aces photos. This helped a little and because I know I'm not the only one jonesing, I decided to share a few of my favorites. Enjoy. And remember, it's only ten days 'til Florida State opens the exhibition season.

Evan Frey's game-winner.


Zach Kroenke.

Tony Abreu.

Angel Berroa. Bazooka Joe.

Andy Tracy. Safe.

July four.

Collin Cowgill strikes out.


Skipper, in the clubhouse, after the Aces clinched their first Pacific Coast League playoff berth.

Cowgill connects.


And here's a few that almost but didn't make the cut: