Sunday, June 26, 2011

Whiplash—The Cowboy Monkey!

There was a genuine "celebrity" at the ballpark Thursday night: the "world's most famous cowboy" (monkey), Whiplash1. There was also a baseball game. Reno rallied back to beat the Las Vegas 51s, 8-7. I think I made some nice photos of each but was a little bummed Whip didn't perform pre-game (you know, when the light is bright).

Three-time groundskeeper of the year, Eric Blanton prepares the field for Whiplash.

Whip and his trainer, Tommy Lucia.

Tony Abreu.

Blue. Wearing black.

"Bring me Vaughn."

Burroughs is back.

Abreu. was that kind of night.

Bungee chord challenge.



Cody Ransom. Aces win.

He's a capuchin monkey riding a border collie...

...sponsored by Justin.

Riding off...

...into the sunset.

1No offense Whippy baby. You may be famous but you ain't this famous. Hell, you're not even this famous.