Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Reno Municipal Code Title 5.13

The Reno City Council is meeting today to discuss a proposed ordinance calling for the many downtown pub crawls to follow the city's special event regulations by requiring them to pay a $103 filing fee, buy insurance and compensate the city for policing and clean-up. Seems reasonable—in theory—but organizers are worried the ordinance could put a financial strain on the grass-roots events.

My buddy Brian Duggan of the Reno Gazette-Journal wrote about this yesterday. If you'd like to voice concern, there is an online petition.

Personally, I hope the crawls stick around. I mean they make for damn good pictures.

In light of today's council meeting, here are some photos from the archive. I've photographed the Santa, Zombie and Vampire Crawls and a few loosely affiliated burlesque shows.

The "Hootchy Kootchy Girls" getting ready for their 2011 holiday show.

In 2009 I set up a portrait booth inside the North Pole.

The 2007 Santa Crawl. It's estimated that 10,000 Santa's participate in the annual downtown crawl.

My all-time, favorite Santa Crawl costume.

I photographed my first Vampire Crawl in 2010.

Crawl organizer, Ed Adkins.

Boho Burlesque.

I can haz brains?