Friday, May 4, 2012

Back, back, back...

...back at the ballpark tonight shooting Aceball.

Reno is 11-17—struggling early—but has a chance to move up in the division with four games against third place Tacoma.

The Rainers are the Triple-A affiliate of my Seattle Mariners. The Mariners are terrible. Using the transitive property of baseball, the Rainers of course also suck.

Zach Kroenke is on the mount for Reno tonight. I've always liked him: he has a nice, intimidating, I-don't-give-a-damn beard; and works fast. So hopefully, we win and win quick.

This is my tenth game of the season, my first in May. I've blogged about the past nine but according to my analytics, you haven't read them. So if you're interested, here are some useful, quick-reference links with notes and commentary:

  • Opening Day: lots of ballpark features. Also, it snowed.
  • Game two: Aces won 9-5. Mostly game action and one picture of a drunk fan. 
  • Reno lost game three 5-2 to Colorado Springs. Zomboo, my favorite Reno celebrity made an appearance.
  • Easter Sunday: mostly pictures of kids. The pre game, on-field egg hunt was pure chaos.
  • Fish on: an entire gallery of Mike Trout photos. Also, this inspired me to go fishing a few days later. I'm easily influenced.
  • Two games, one blog.
  • Sacramento shutout the Aces 6-0. Former Diamondbacks prospect Jarrod Parker pitched for the River Cats. He's pretty good.
  • If you like kids dressed as hot dogs, this is the post for you. Sacramento 12, Reno 4.
  • And the hits keep coming: River Cats 12, Reno 10. Mostly game action.

See you tonight.