Monday, October 29, 2012

Jeffrey Way, Carnelian Bay

Last week I photographed a home in Carnelian Bay for the New York Times. The story was part of a bigger, reoccuring feature called, "What You Get for ... ". The ellipses are usually followed by a dollar amount. For my assignment it was $750,000.

The house is a 1,700 square-foot cottage in the Cedar Flat section of the Bay. It was built in 1939 and faces Lake Tahoe with a "filtered" view. It had pine floors and wainscoting, a finished attic with exposed beams, stone steps leading from the garage to the house and a neat office. Very nice.

Front of the house.

Dining room, gas stove.

Downstairs office.

Living room.

Kitchen: black granite counter tops, gas stove.

Master bedroom.

Finished attic.

The kitchen cabinet doors are made from pine branches found on the property.

Bathroom tile.

They converted the garage into a workout room.


Front of the house.