Monday, November 19, 2012

Your 2012 Reno Bighorns

I shot Reno Bighorns media day last week. I use the term "media day" loosely. It's not like the Super Bowl. Basically, I shoot head shots for the D-League and three other guys ask a couple of questions for the evening sports report.

Still, it's fun and I got to see a few familiar faces like assistant coach Garry Hill-Thomas and former 'horns Anthony Richardson and Marcus Landry.

Also, there's second-year head coach Paul Mokeski.

Bill Simmons once described him as "extraordinarily unathletic" adding,  "[He] ran like he had two prosthetic legs; if that weren't enough, he tried to bring back the curly-perm/wispy-mustache combo that should have died in the early eighties. Throw in male pattern baldness and a disappearing chin and Mokeski looked like a Jersey cop who should have been standing in a donut line."

He's a nice guy. But that's pretty funny.

Also, coach Mo is seven feet tall and every year I have to bring a step stool to take his picture.

Even though he doesn't have a perm anymore, it's still a good visual.

Reno's season tips-off at home, on Nov. 30, against the Santa Cruz Warriors.