Friday, December 14, 2012


Amy Carr shares a photo of her with Geovany during one of her visits to Guatemala.

At the end of October I shot a story for the New York Times about Amy and Robb Carr and their adopted son Geovany. The Carrs live in Reno, Geovany is in Guatemala. Their family is among 4,000 Americans stuck in limbo after the Guatemalan government shut down its international adoption program in 2008 amid evidence of corruption and child trafficking. It's been five years since the Carrs agreed to adopt Geovany.

Times reporter Rachel Swarns wrote the story; first meeting with the Carrs in Reno and then following them to Guatemala to meet Geovany. I encourage you to read her piece. It's good. The Carrs are an amazing family and they've been through a lot for their son.

A few of my photos were used in a slideshow.

You can see more of what I shot here.

Amy Carr and her mother Pat Hendricks with Carr's children:
Samantha, 5, and Nathan, 9, at Carr's home in Reno, Nev. 

The Carrs have three biological children and a fourth they adopted, Samantha,
without a hitch from Guatemala.

Nathan Carr.

Look closely, the image of Geovany (lower right) was digitally added to the family photo.