Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bye, bye, Blanton—it's been "Lotsa Fun"

In the bottom of the sixth, head grounds keeper Eric Blanton, dragged the infield at Aces Ballpark for the last time. Blanton, the club's turf manager since its inception in 2009, is leaving baseball after more than a decade to work for Country Green Turf Farms in his home state of Washington. 

In my seven seasons in Minor League Baseball, I've seen a lot of people pass through Reno. Blanton's departure is the most bittersweet. I'm happy for him and his family but now I don't have anyone to bullshit with in the dugout.

Pregame, Reno hosted Camp Lotsafun. This is one of my favorite, annual happenings at the ballpark.

Final score, Reno 3, Salt Lake 5.