Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Torra, Torra, Toros.

I photographed a Reno Bighorns, Austin Toros game last night for NBAE. More importantly—last night—I lit a Reno Bighorns game (only my second attempt). And after editing my take it's clear I'm still getting used to shooting basketball with strobes1.

Fortunately with the playoffs coming up (and another game Friday), I have a few more chances to play. Next time I'm thinking about using a single, diagonal strobe on one channel with the 300 and shooting everything under the basket with two lights and the 50.

The 'Horns won what was a mostly boring game, 102-98. Here are the pics:


Coach Muss.

Bobby Simmons.

Leo Lyons.

'Horns uber-fan Paul Talaga.

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller during a halftime exhibition game.

Andre Emmett.

1Honestly, I prefer shooting the arena without them—the light is spotty but interesting, love that black background. But Getty wants strobes so Getty gets strobes.